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Adelaide to Mt Gambier (via the Barossa)

Monday, Jan 17th- Sunday, Jan 23rd

Apologies for the delay in getting this entry posted. We have been free camping for the past few nights which has been terrific. It means we've been relying on our own water supply and battery power to operate everything on board enabling us to camp out in some fairly quiet and spectacular spots. The only down side is that we have had no means with which to charge our laptop so our communications have been somewhat limited. At the moment I am sitting in our room on the Spirit of Tassie with 12 hours ahead of us and a beautiful view of the ocean so plenty of time to get up to date. But back to the beginning...

We left Adelaide on Monday, Jan 17th and drove all the way to Leasingham (south of Clare)- yes we know it doesn't sound far but it was all we could manage! We camped here for 3 nights in a quiet little caravan park that gave us plenty of time to just chill out and learn to relax a bit. We rode the Riesling Trail into Clare on one day and back to Auburn the day after.


We headed across to the Barossa on Thursday in time for our loooong lunch at Rockford's. We drove through Kapunda and took the mandatory photo of Map the Miner so we could tick him off our list of big icons.


We started lunch at midday with sparkling wine and canapes and finally finished up with port at 5pm. The food was simply divine and the wines were sensational. We dined at one long table of 16 and much of the food was sourced from their garden. Definitely something to put on your must do list if you ever get the chance.

On Friday we headed off towards the Coorong travelling through Williamstown and Murray Bridge and across to Wellington so Danny could catch his ferry (He has a thing about them) :) We then headed down to a very quiet camp spot at Narrung which meant another ferry and just about made this the perfect day for Dan.

We drove through Kingston on Saturday (photo of the Big Lobster- tick) and then onto Wright's Bay. This was a gorgeous little spot about 20kms north of Robe. We met some guys from Melb who had travelled all through the outback and had the photos to prove it- we're already looking forward to that part of the trip.They had a shower that was heated from their Landcruiser engine somehow- I wish I had taken a photo but they might have thought I was a bit weird :)

Robe was absolutely stunning on the day we visited. We took our bikes off the back and rode around for an hour or so. The beach was just a perfect blue and the sails of the yachts were like flavours of gelati.


We arrived in Mt Gambier in time for a quick drive around the Blue Lake and this of course was also looking quite spectacular in the sunshine. We stayed the night at Joanna and Andrew's place and enjoyed a few drinks and a great catch up (Danny's highlight was probably getting the chance to have a ride in Andrew's 1970's HG Kingswood- in Danny's words it 'looked like a dream and screamed like the devil)!

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Farewell drinks & a quick trip to Sydney

Saturday, Jan 8th- Sunday, Jan 16th

We left Charlie the Groomsman on Saturday morning and headed off to Jamestown to check on Charlie the dog, collect some mail and see Des and Maree. We discovered that Charlie had been wandering up and down the back lane introducing himself to the neighbours and even got himself invited to a sleepover so he seems to be settling in well to life in the country.

On Sunday, we made it back to Adelaide in time to get to our farewell drinks at the Semaphore Palais. It was great to catch up with so many of you before we head off and we look forward to seeing those of you who are planning to meet us enroute somewhere. We are licenced to carry 4 so airport pickups shouldn't be a problem and you are welcome to sleep in the annexe if you don't want to get a cabin/ room elsewhere. Broome is sounding like a popular choice at the moment although it's a bit hard to say when we might be there!




We flew to Sydney the following weekend for Uncle Mick's surpise 60th. We caught up with Mum and Dad, Cate and Col at the airport although we were all flying over at different times on different airlines. As it turned out there were still 14 McMahon's on our flight over which would have made a real dent in the dynasty had the plane not made it! :)

Danny, Uncle Mick and Jac

It was a great weekend of catching up with the rellies including brunch with Terry and Anne and Maggie on Sunday.
We did manage to squeeze in a bit of sight seeing as well and finally got back to Adelaide late Sunday night ready to officially head off on our '12 months off tour'.


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Ready, Set, Go

Saturday, Jan 1st - Friday, Jan 7th


Welcome to our blog! After a few months of playing around with it we are now ready to kick it off. We hope you enjoy joining us on our travels.

We finally moved into the Windsor Gardens Caravan Park on Dec 31st after spending 3 nights camping in our driveway while we packed and cleaned the house for rent. (It was cheap- what can I say). We walked across to Theo and Nancy's for New Year's Eve (supposedly a 15 min walk but we ended up touring Campbelltown for nearly an hour)!We had a very pleasant night with the Zachos clan and a much quicker trip home thanks to Theo and Nancy's Dad.

New Year's Day was pretty quiet- the first time in weeks we didn't have any packing or cleaning to do so we made the most of having a lazy day all to ourselves. Sam and Ken visited us for a bbq tea- our first attempt at entertaining. We had to borrow spare chairs from the camp kitchen but managed to supply the rest.

our first visitors

our first visitors

On Jan 2nd, we had Frank and Maria's Wedding. It was great night and we had a lot of fun dancing and catching up with people! We couldn't afford to get too carried away though because we were heading off to Port Lincoln the next day.




We spent most of Monday driving around towards Lincoln and spent the night at Pt Gibbon (between Cowell and Arno Bay). This was our first real experience at free camping- we had to rely on our own power and water sources but it all worked well. We were invited to happy hour with our fellow campers and they proved to be a very entertaining bunch. We seemed to be 25 years younger than anyone else but we are pretty much expecting that on our way round (It makes us feel good) :)


We spent a few days in Lincoln with Danny's mum and caught up with a few rellies. On Friday we drove up to Mt Drummond to see Charlie the groomsman (not to be confused with Charlie the dog).


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